I dare not lie, keep my heart


I DARE not Lie, Keep my Heart

Beautiful woman
I won’t apologize
My heart won’t allow it
Yes my words spilled blood
But I meant each word
Yes I made a promise
My fingers I dare not cross
The truth set me free
Each time I have you insight
I know you have a piece of me
No I don’t want it back
Hold it as long as you breathe
Allow it to grow within you
Please keep it for a keepsake
Yes you have my heart
This seems like give and take
But true love is never fake
These simple words are real
I dare not hide them from you
I’m man enough to say I love you
You’re my strength and weakness
But it makes me alive within
Yes I’m afraid at times
Mixing insanity with reality
Living and dying
Loving and hating
No matter the emotion
I always come back
So yes keep my heart
I’m forever in love with you


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